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Software integrated website

Simplify and improve the online sign up procedure

Creating a new UX and UI to reduce website dropout and bounce rates

We’ve had the pleasure of working with AvSmart for a number of years and have been involved at many varying stages of the brand’s development.  Recently, the website was experiencing a high bounce rate and the organisation knew they needed a redesign.

AvSmart wanted to simplify their online self-audit sign-up procedure and help guide visitors through the steps to signing up on their site making the whole process as easy as possible.

To achieve this goal we established the UX and UI with the client then created a set of stylised graphic illustrations to aid usability.  We also adding a set of visual references to given areas within the website to keep visitors on the website and improve conversions.  As a result, AvSmart quickly saw a reduced bounce rate and were really pleased with our work.

Services Used

  • Creative Design
  • UX Design
  • Illustration

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