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Building successful email campaigns

Here at Koded, we have a large portfolio of clients that we have helped in this exact way. From concept to production of high performing campaigns

Read More Dave - August 03, 2017

What E-Commerce solution is best for you?

“We are looking to set up a store online, however there seems like a lot of different options, what one best suits our needs?”

Read More Dave - July 10, 2017

Protecting your website and customer information

Any disruption to online trading can result in loss of revenue, damaging your brands reputation or even worse financial implications

Read More Dave - June 03, 2017

Losing customers before they even engage?

In today’s world a fast loading website can increase your conversions on the website, however a slow loading website will have a massively negative effect

Read More Koded - May 19, 2017

Is your website secure?

A big question we always see getting asked firstly is, is my website secure? and secondly should it be? Read on below to see how we answer these questions.

Read More Koded - April 19, 2017

‘Clean sweep’ at the Cleaning Show in London

One of our regular client Vaclensa recently attended the Cleaning Show in London exhibiting their products and promoting their services.

Read More Mike - March 21, 2017

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